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Amazing Sand Sculptures and Sand Castles

Making sand sculptures is the name of an amazing art which is known as sand art. Sand art is the practice of modelling sand into an artistic form, such as a sand painting, sand sculpture, sand brushing and sand bottles. Sand castles are also created with sand which is also a type of sand sculpture. Sand castles are typically made by children just for the fun but adults also involve large complex constructions and participate in sand sculptures contests. These sculptures often look like the impressive statues that we often see in the museums. Some artists even build custom sand sculptures professionally for events or advertisers, as they tend to draw crowds wherever they are found. Here we have sorted top 10 amazing sand sculptures which show you new face of creative art and will really amaze you.
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Cancun Underwater Museum Amazing World

Cancun Underwater Museum is the worlds most famous amazing sculpture garden. This amazing museum has 500 life sized statues and it covers an area of more than 150 square meters. The idea was to create an artificial reef featuring sculptures made from marine concrete. Some of the figures are now covered with algae and others have some beautiful reef formations making the facial features distorted and eerie looking. This Underwater Museum Cancun is divided into two galleries, called Salon Manchones and Salon Nizuc. The first gallery is eight meters deep which is suitable for both divers and snorkelers while the second section is four meters deep and only permitted for snorkeling.
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Unusual Strange Animals Never Seen Before

Strange animals of the world is a list of top ten unusual animals pictures and strange creatures found on earth which never seen before. Blue planet earth is a wonder of God which is full of amazing things, animals, people and places. You might think that you have seen the world, but there will still be wonders that will make your eyes pop. Time and time again, nature shows us that fact can be stranger than fiction. Here we have top 10 strange animals photos and weird creatures pictures you probably haven’t seen before. Some of these unique animals seem like they’re characters from a Sci-Fi movie and belongs to any other planet than earth but all of these strange animals are here on earth.
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Unbelievable Pictures Of Real Life Amazing Photos

Unbelievable pictures amazing photography is a collection of top 25 real photos of original life. These unbelievable photos are not Photoshopped but they are real life images which show you amazing things form our daily life. In these days its hard to be amazed by anything you see on the internet. In fact any teenager with a computer and Adobe Photoshop application or any other photo editing software can create a fake photograph in a couple of minutes. So when anyone see amazing pictures on internet they believe that these are fake pictures. But, today we show you some unbelievable pictures amazing photography which are taken form our real life.
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Beautiful Trees and Amazing Trees Pictures

beautiful-trees-imaegs-and-amazing-trees pictures
Beautiful trees are the treasure of our blue planet earth which are the cause of beautiful landscapes. There are 400 billion trees on the planet with over 23,000 different types of trees. The trees are the essential part of earth as they play important role in nature. According to wikipedia, In botany, a tree is a perennial plant with an elongated stem, or trunk, supporting branches and leaves in most species. To feel the importance of trees we have sorted top 10 most beautiful trees pictures and amazing trees images. As their are many types of trees are spread in the whole world so you will see some very beautiful trees and amazing trees of different type in this post which make you wow.
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