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Fruit Carving and Fruit Art Creative Ideas

Fruit Carving Fruit Art Pictures
Fruit carving art originated during the period Sukhothay in the 14th century in Thailand. In Thailand, fruit carving is a traditional art and decoration of food is of utmost importance in Royal Thai Cuisine. Thai fruit carving is a traditional Thai art that requires neatness, precision, meditation, and personal ability. The women of the royal house developed and perfected this art in honor of their monarchs. With the passage of time the tradition of carving fruits and vegetables spread across the globe and is now used as a display weddings, christening, birthdays and private parties as well as a unique gift for someone special.
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Coffee Art and Latte Art Amazing Pictures

Coffee Art and Latte Art
Coffee art can also called Latte art is a method of preparing coffee by drawing different shapes on top layer of foam. Art coffee is created by pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso and resulting in a pattern on the surface of the latte. Although milk and coffee have been consumed together in Europe for centuries and David Schomer started the US latte art craze in the mid 1980s. However, a guy in Italy named Luigi Lupi was doing the same thing around the same time. Latte art make the latte more visually appealing, sexy, and apparently more delicious. If you are coffee lover then here we have best collection of coffee art amazing pictures which show you coffee designs of this cool art.
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Mindblowing Halloween Pumpkin Carvings

Halloween Pumpkin Carvings
Halloween pumpkin carvings is the most famous tradition to celebrate Halloween festival. Halloween is the funniest and the scariest holiday which is also known as Allhalloween and celebrated in different countries on 31 October every year. On this occasion everyone want to learn pumpkin carvings so they can fully enjoy it. Turnip may also be used for Halloween but still pumpkins are preferred over turnips as they make much better lanterns. Many pumpkin carving ideas are available which shows the creativity and imagination of pumpkins. So here we have sorted top 10 Halloween pumpkin carvings which are freaky and funny and these pumpkin carving patterns will really amaze you.
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Funny Food Art Pictures & Creative Food Images

Funny food art pictures is a collection of food images which is created in funny style and it make us smile. We can also name it as creative food because converting ordinary eatables in fun food style is also called art. Here we have sorted top 20 food and fun pictures of vegetables and fruits which are created like cars, animals and in different shapes. These funny food pictures not just make you laugh but also amaze you and you will praise the food art skills of the artist. You can also play with food and use your imagination to make food fun or just look at the below art food pictures which give you inspiration to make funny food yourself. These fun food art pictures will take food carving to a new level and show you the funny side of food art.
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Watermelon Carving Amazing Pictures

Watermelon Carving is the art of carving watermelon in a way that is pleasing to the viewer. Fruit carving is especially common with watermelons and pumpkins. Carving is a creative example of amazing art when someone carves fruits to look like, object, building, flowers, animals etc. A radish carved to look like a rose in a good example. Watermelon carving is make using tools to shape something from a material by scraping away portions of that material. Fruit Carving tends to require much more work than methods using malleable materials. Watermelon is great material for food artists to make amazing carvings. watermelon carving is a traditional Japanese art which is known as Mukimono in japan. Here we have sorted top 15 amazing pictures of this art which blow your mind.
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