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Funny Selfies Fail and Crazy Selfies – Top 25


Funny selfies is a collection of top 25 funny photos taken by people as self portraits which gone wrong and make the reason of others smile. Usually selfie is the name of a self-portrait photograph featuring the photographer. In easy words when any person take his own pictures by phone camera or digital camera then its called a selfie. Selfie is arguably one of the most popular trend of the Century. Now people just love taking pictures of themselves and sharing it with the world. So, here we have sorted top 25 funny selfies and crazy selfies of funny people.
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Funny Love Pictures Of Humans and Animals – Top 30


Funny love pictures is the collection of top 30 funny images which include funny people and funny animals love photos. These funny love kiss pictures show you how to love with style. As you know Love is the basic need of all humans as it is in our instinct to give and receive love. But what if we make love in funny style which make everyone smile. Some people are unique in the world and they want to love in new style so we captured these funny love pictures for you. You will laugh out loudly after watching these love style of humans and aniamls.
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Face Swap – Top 30 Scary & Funny Face Swaps


Face Swap is the name of changing your face with other people face. Face swaps can be made using the power of Photoshop or an app on your smartphone, you can rearrange faces in the photos you take. Face swapping is harmless fun which has the power to turn normal looking photographs into horrifying, surrealist works of art. Have you ever thought about how celebrities would look if they swapped faces with their partners? We show you celebrity face swap funny pictures which are freaky, scary and funny at the same time. Funny face swaps are not limited to famous celebrities but you can also swap faces with your uncle, grandma, or far worse, a pet. The resulted best face swap are definitely not attractive, but they are equal parts funny and disturbing.
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Fall Down Funny Photography Pictures


Fall down funny photography pictures is a series of hilarious photos of people who look like they have just taken terrible falls. These funny pictures are created by Photographer Sandro Giordoan who show us a message about materialism. In this fall down or falling down photography Sandro Gardena has pictured in such a way that it brings out the unforgettable memories for the viewers in the real life. These funny people are posed in comically awkward positions which gives you an opportunity to laugh for a while. The series is Giordoan’s commentary on the overwhelming nature of everyday life and people’s attachment to their possessions. Photographer is successful in making such a series of funny photos
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Stars Without Makeup – Before and After Makeup Photos


Stars without makeup is the hot topic by the whole world because every person is a fan of any celebrity so they want to see their favorite personality before and after makeup. We are inspired by our favorite star from their amazing voice, their acting abilities, their suiting styling and specially their cute face with beautiful makeup. We show you stars without makeup real life pictures and these shocking photos of celebrities without makeup will show you original face of your celebrity. Catch them without the thick layers of powder, mascara and smoky eyeshadow and see celebs without makeup. If you don’t want ruine your imagination about your favorite star then stay away from this gallery because we show you celebrity without makeup real life photos.
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