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Hay On Wye The Books Town

Hay On Wye
Hay on Wye is a small market town which is known as the town of books. It is also called as just Hay which is located in Powys, Wales, adjacent to the English border. Since 1988 it is home to the Hay Literature Festival, known as hay festival, which brings some 80,000 writers, publishers and literature fans from all across the world to this small market town at end of May each year to see and hear big literary names from all over the world. Hay on Wye has thirty major bookshops, mostly selling second hand publications. It was world first Book Town which started selling books in 1961 when Richard Booth opened his first bookshop in Hay, which soon grew into Europe’s largest second hand bookshop.

Hay has about 1,900 inhabitants and it is the National Book Town of Wales. There are millions of books everywhere in this town. You will see the cinema’s a book shop, the castle’s a book shop, the fire station’s a book shop and the alleyways are book shops. Its unique position on the border between England and Wales make Hay ideal for visitors to explore and enjoy the beautiful border country. For over forty years, Hay on Wye Booksellers have been sourcing and supplying the very best books to readers worldwide.


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Hay On Wye The Books Town

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