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Beautiful Trees and Amazing Trees Pictures

beautiful-trees-imaegs-and-amazing-trees pictures
Beautiful trees are the treasure of our blue planet earth which are the cause of beautiful landscapes. There are 400 billion trees on the planet with over 23,000 different types of trees. The trees are the essential part of earth as they play important role in nature. According to wikipedia, In botany, a tree is a perennial plant with an elongated stem, or trunk, supporting branches and leaves in most species. To feel the importance of trees we have sorted top 10 most beautiful trees pictures and amazing trees images. As their are many types of trees are spread in the whole world so you will see some very beautiful trees and amazing trees of different type in this post which make you wow.
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Amazing Places in The World – Top 20


Amazing places in the world is a list of top 20 unbelievable places which compel you to think that they are located on any other planet than earth. World is full of beautiful places, from majestic waterfalls to mysterious landmarks and from natural wonders to historic lost cities. But, today we will show you most amazing places in the world which really astonish you. New Zealand, China, America, Venezuela, Canada and Ethiopia are just some of the places around the world housing world wonders you have to see to believe. Some of these unbelievable locations are famous and some are the lesser known gems of planet earth.
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Amazing Funny Pictures Of Shadow Art – 15 Pictures


Shadow is just like a mirror as it shows our reflection same as original but sometimes shadows can trick us and completely change the view of an image. Mostly shadow art is used for making puppets, playing tricks, and simply having a good laugh. But, below we have sorted top 15 amazing photography different genre which show you amazing funny pictures of shadows which show you different story then real. Photography is an interesting hobby and if you know what you are doing with your camera then nature and reflections keep things interesting for you. Like below two faced funny photos of shadow photography which tell you one picture with two different subjects.

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Aerial View Amazing Photography Pictures Of Famous Places


Aerial view or aerial photography is the name of taking photographs of the earth from an elevated position. The aerial photography term usually refers to images in which the camera is not supported by a ground-based structure. Aerial view photography pictures platforms include helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, multirotor Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), balloons, blimps and dirigibles. It seems really amazing to view earth from above aerial view because world looks so different from this perspective. We find pattern, texture and color in these images that we would normally never notice from a lower vantage point.
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Fall Down Funny Photography Pictures


Fall down funny photography pictures is a series of hilarious photos of people who look like they have just taken terrible falls. These funny pictures are created by Photographer Sandro Giordoan who show us a message about materialism. In this fall down or falling down photography Sandro Gardena has pictured in such a way that it brings out the unforgettable memories for the viewers in the real life. These funny people are posed in comically awkward positions which gives you an opportunity to laugh for a while. The series is Giordoan’s commentary on the overwhelming nature of everyday life and people’s attachment to their possessions. Photographer is successful in making such a series of funny photos
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